About Us


Alukitch Sdn Bhd is a cabinet design firm specializing in aluminium cabinet design. We love to help clients with their kitchen, design cabinet that best suit their house kitchen. We listening to client's idea and always try to seek more enhancement through the design process in order to create the end products that meet client satisfaction.



We design cabinets with high quality and creativity. We made types of aluminium cabinets including 4G glass, 3G glass, solid aluminium, ACP and also reflection glass cabinets. Clients can always share us their own ideas, we will create the products that definitely fit what you needs.

Along the way, our mission is simple. We give cabinet that make your kitchen unique. Quality assurance is one of our branding terms. We design cabinet with excellent quality yet with affordable price.




We work as a professional team, always seek for improvement in order to create the perfect end product. efficiency is our priciple, we always ensure the end product can be finish on time.


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